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Mieli Ry – Defender of Mental Health

GLO Hotels are lifestyle hotels that provides a haven for urban pleasure-seekers. All members of the GLO family share the same heart. We offer more than just accommodation – we invite our guests to be part of our story. We love the world in all its colors and are always where the action is. We approach our services with passion, value genuine encounters, and believe in the power of authentic presence. We want to spread happiness.

At GLO Hotels, it is essential for us to promote equality, and we want to contribute to ensuring that essential mental health work has the resources it needs. That's why we are raising funds for Mieli Ry, which does vital work for mental health across Finland.

Mieli Ry – Mental Health for All

Mieli Ry is a nationwide organization that does meaningful work to promote mental health, teach mental health skills, and prevent suicides. They advocate for everyone's right to good mental health and work towards it in early childhood education, schools, with working-age adults, and the elderly. By providing help around the clock and assisting those in crisis, Mieli Ry helps ensure that no one has to face these challenges alone. Difficulties can be overcome, and help is available. Donate now to Mieli Ry and help them continue their crucial work for mental health. Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey!

Be part of the Good Mood Movement

GLO Hotels is dedicated to spreading good mood. Join us in this mission by donating to Mieli Ry. Every donation helps reduce mental health issues, supports families and young people, and increases peer support services. Donate now and help us build a society where everyone receives the support they need to maintain and strengthen their mental health.

Thank you for being part of the change!

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