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About us

GLO Hotels - at the centre of events, you can experience the world in all of its colours

GLO Hotels is a lifestyle hotel chain that provides to urban enthusiasts. All members of the GLO family share the same DNA: we don’t just offer accommodation, but we invite our guests to become part of our story, we enjoy all the colors in the world and we are where things happen. We are passionate about our services, appreciate genuine encounters, believe in an authentic presence and want to surprise our guests over and over again.



GLO Hotels also shares a green dream towards a more ecologic world. Our Green Dream vision gives our dream roots and wings. Our operations have been certified with the international Green Key label for sustainable tourism.


GLO Hotels support the Wildlife Hospital operating at Helsinki Zoo by directing 10% of the proceeds from the GLO Lynx soft toys and selected à la carte dishes. Small actions can make a big difference - GLO Hotels know the value of nature.

About a thousand wild animals are treated every year at the Wildlife Hospital operating in connection with Helsinki Zoo. The most typical patients include squirrels, hedgehogs and waterfowl, but the hospital is also visited by rarer customers, such as Saimaa ringed seals and flying squirrels.



GLO Hotels is part of the DISCOVERY loyalty program that gives you recognition and benefits across over 570 hotels in 78 countries. It rewards you with Local Experience awards, authentic activities that help you connect to the culture and local traditions of each destination. 


GLO Hotels has joined in the Independent Hotels of Nordic Choice Hotels also known as Nordic Hotels & Resorts. Nordic Choice Club loyalty programme includes 1,8 milj. Members and rewards to all the Independent hotels and three hotel chains of Nordic Choice Hotels: Clarion Hotels®, Quality Hotels™ and Comfort Hotels®. 

GLO Hotels – Urban Enjoyment Enabled 


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    Tourists arriving in Helsinki will have an opportunity to sleep in the arms of Finnish design when GLO Hotels’ select Suite rooms get draped in Marimekko.

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  • GLO Hotels support the operations of the wildlife hospital

    A seal pup in trouble. A toad woken up too early from hibernation. A sparrow hawk that has hurt its wing. The patient base of the Wildlife Hospital of Helsinki Zoo is broad, and far too often the injury was caused by a human.

    GLO Hotels support the Wildlife Hospital operating at Helsinki Zoo by directing 10% of the proceeds from the GLO Lynx soft toys and selected à la carte dishes. 

    Small actions can make a big difference - GLO Hotels know the value of nature.

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  • GLO Hotels will expand across Keilaniemenranta in Espoo

    GLO Hotels will expand with a 350-room hotel in Keilaranta, Espoo. According to the preliminary plan the hotel will be located on the upper floors of the 40-story building.

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  • Spend a night in one of the unique GLO Tempur rooms

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GLO Hotel Kluuvi

Step outside and be inspired by events, trends and phenomena!

GLO Hotel Kluuvi – In the core of experiences

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GLO Hotel Art

GLO Hotel Art is a magical hotel that combines a colourful history with elegant modernity, it’s heart beats for bohemian atmosphere and unforgettable events. This stone castle, with thousands of details, is one of Helsinki’s most beloved art nouveau buildings.

GLO Hotel Art – magical castle in the city

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GLO Hotel Sello

GLO Hotel Sello, located in Espoo’s liveliest centre and true transit hub, offers you everything you need to take on the Helsinki metropolitan area. Spend your nights in the heart of the city of innovation, just a stone’s throw from unique, natural beauty and activities and the Nuuksio National Park.

GLO Hotel Sello - The Helsinki metropolitan area at your fingertips

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GLO Hotel Airport

GLO Hotel Airport is the only hotel located in the terminal area of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Rest on your way to new adventures or enjoy a refreshing nap and shower between flights. Comfortable bed awaits you just a few minutes walk away from the departure gates.

GLO Hotel Airport - by the gate to new adventures

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