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Green Key

Our Green Dream

Kämp Collection Hotels' environmental policy focuses on a dream of a greener world - Green Dream.

Green Dream is a practice which aims to enhance environmental awareness and set targets through everyday activities. 

GLO Hotels’ most significant environmental impacts derive from energy and water consumption and waste.  These areas are monitored regularly and are subject to annual reduction targets. Every GLO Hotels employee commits to operate according to the Green Dream principles. Green Dream practice is coordinated and monitored by a hotel and restaurant specific delegate.

All GLO Hotels are awarded with Green Key - certification

All six hotels in the Kämp Collection Hotels, including all four GLO Hotels, have been awarded the Green Key eco-label. Green Key is an international tourist sector environmental programme that involves more than 2,400 hospitality companies in 46 countries worldwide. For customers of Kämp Collection Hotels and GLO Hotels the Green Key label is proof that the hotels’ entire staff carry out daily eco-friendly work based on specific environmental criteria. 

Hotels that are granted Green Key certification commit to reducing the environmental load of their accommodation operations by, among other things, improving the efficiency of water and energy consumption and decreasing the volume of waste and recycling it effectively. Active environmental communications and promoting both the personnel’s and customers’ environmental awareness are an integral part of the Green Key programme. The Green Key jury, made up of experts in corporate responsibility, sustainable tourism and environmental protection, decides who will receive the eco-label. 

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A seal pup in trouble. A toad woken up too early from hibernation. A sparrow hawk that has hurt its wing. The patient base of the Wildlife Hospital of Helsinki Zoo is broad, and far too often the injury was caused by a human.

GLO Hotels supports the Wildlife Hospital operating at Helsinki Zoo by directing 10% of the proceeds from the GLO Lynx soft toys and selected á la carte dishes. 

Small actions can make a big difference - The real GLOtrotter knows the value of nature.


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