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In GLO Meets & Events you will plan the year’s best meetings.

GLO Hotel’s meeting and event spaces are suitable for all kinds of events. It being a seminar, a launch party, pre-Christmas part, birthday party or a wedding, with our different spaces and our professional staff, you will have the year’s best event.

GLO Hotels offer 27 different spaces around Helsinki and Espoo`s best locations. From our extensive selection of spaces, you will be able to choose the one that suits you the most – from a quick 8 people meeting to an over 200 people event in Helsinki’s center in GLO Hotel Kluuvi or GLO Hotel Art. GLO Hotel Sello, in Leppävaara, Espoo, will offer you the best views.

All our spaces are accommodated with a modern technique. Our professional staff plans and helps you make your event happen. The delicious food that you will be able to enjoy will be prepared by our wonderful kitchen team.

Meetings and events:

GLO Hotel Art +358 9 5619 2734
GLO Hotel Sello +358 9 5619 2739


Meetings, conferences, seminars, launch parties or kick offs.

The best meeting and most delicious meeting-packs come true in GLO Meets & Events.


Weddings, funerals, parties, birthday parties, pre-Christmas and everything in between.

The best events and memorable gatherings in GLO Meets & Events.

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