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A wonderful holiday with the children

A playground, an amusement park, swimming, time just for the adults, a nap… A successful family holiday is fun for every family member. Choosing the right hotel has a major impact on how smoothly the days pass, and it’s a good idea to include enjoyable moments for each family member in your itinerary. Check out our best tips for travelling with children and some exciting trips and activities close to our hotels!

Vantaa: a night at the heart of the airport

Helsinki Airport sends thousands of families off on a holiday every day. Many people arrive to the airport from further away, which makes travelling challenging, especially for the smallest family members. However, there is a solution – GLO Hotel Airport - a relaxing night at the heart of the airport.

Did you know that there is a versatile hotel right at the heart of Helsinki Airport? GLO Hotel Airport is located in terminal 2, just a few minutes’ walk from the departure gates. It gives long-distance travellers the chance to arrive at the airport already the night before, slipping straight to the departure gate in the morning feeling rested, happy and ready for the holiday. 

The child’s very own traveller’s card, slippers waiting in the hotel room, board games available at the reception, colouring books and memory cards as a souvenir ensure that children feel welcome.

All in all, Helsinki Airport is a very child-friendly airport. The well-equipped play areas at gates 16, 20, 30 and 38 offer activities for children of different ages. Seasons Café (gate 14) and Café Tori (gates 26–27) serve baby food and formula and both have a play area for children. There’s a childcare room by gate 31 with a microwave oven and a separate space for changing diapers. Read more airport-related tips on travelling with children here!

If you have time to explore Vantaa, make sure to check out at least the following:

Flamingo Spa’s Magic Maya is located only approximately 5 km from the airport. A tube slide, Inca falls, wild streams, a pyramid slide, a snake slide and many more exciting slides and pools guarantee fun for the whole day – without forgetting the parents. The atmospheric Spa and beauty salon Flamingo Day Spa offer well-deserved relaxation in the middle of all the excitement.

Rush Trampoline Park makes energy unravel in squeals of delight. Children’s own turn, Naperopomppu, is meant for children up to 6 years of age and their parents, and ensures safe jumping for the smallest family members. Family turns are meant as a joint and fun activity for the whole family. Rush Vantaa is located in Tammisto, next to Jumbo shopping centre and Flamingo Spa, just a few kilometres from the airport. You can find another park in Pitäjänmäki, 5 minutes by train from GLO Hotel Sello and 10 minutes by train from the Helsinki Railway Station. 

Science Centre Heureka puts your brain to work. The Centre’s exhibitions introduce you to science and technology in a fun and casual way by letting you do activities and experiments for yourself. At Heureka, you can also see some impressive planetarium movies, participate in different kinds of laboratory and workshop programmes or see a rat basketball game, for example. The Galilei park next to the centre is open during the summers, and the scientific playground beyond comparison is based on mathematical, physical and musical phenomena.

It’s also quick and effortless to head to the capital from the airport: the train takes travellers to the Helsinki Railway Station in 30 minutes from the airport.


Helsinki: memorable surprises for the children, luxury for the adults

The entire capital city is at your fingertips when you spend the night at GLO Hotel Kluuvi or GLO Hotel Art. Children are honorary guests at both hotels, while adults can enjoy the luxurious setting and excellent location of both hotels – what a win-win to start your holiday with!


The pillows at GLO Hotel Kluuvi come with lollipops, there are board games and toys you can borrow from the reception, the restaurant has colouring books, and soap bubbles are given out as a souvenir. All this guarantees that children will feel welcome at the hotel.


GLO Hotel Art provides children with their very own traveller’s cards, key cards, a welcome letter and slippers at the room. It’s also possible to borrow knight- or princess-themed clothing from the reception. For an extra fee, you can book the GLO Kids room where children will find a variety of toys and paint supplies. The trip home is guaranteed to be enjoyable with the souvenir soap bubbles.

But you shouldn’t just sit in your hotel room on your holiday! The capital city is full of wonderful possibilities for the whole family. Here are our three favourites:

Helsinki Zoo or Korkeasaari is one of the most popular sights in Helsinki, and we’re not surprised. From the Zoo’s three areas (Amazonia, Africasia and Borealia) you can find approximately 150 species of animals and a thousand species of plants. You’re most guaranteed to see animals during their feeding time. Many of them are fed early in the morning, so an early start is often the most successful one. Felines are also more active during the cooler morning and evening hours during the summer. By the way, did you know that GLO Hotels supports Korkeasaari’s wild animal hospital?

Adventure park KORKEE in Mustikkamaa invites you to test your skills and courage in over 100 different tasks. The rope course and adventure park has enough challenges for everyone over the height of 90 cm, regardless of age or condition. If necessary, adults can follow along to guide and help them in these courses meant for the smallest family members. 

Lastly, don’t forget Sealife by Linnanmäki amusement park, where you can meet, for example, the blackspotted puffer Pörrö, zebra shark Mussukka, electric eel Raipe and follow the feeding of the seahorses. A guaranteed hit for every family member!

Espoo: fantastic for families with children


Finland’s second largest city Espoo is a real cornucopia for families on a holiday. GLO Hotel Sello offers an excellent setting for families with children, and there are plenty of activities: within a radius of one kilometre from GLO Hotel Sello you can find the Angry Birds playground, Adventure Park Huippu and Leppävaara’s brand new outdoor swimming pool.


GLO Hotel Sello has rooms for families that can be divided with a dividing door as well as Kitchenette rooms, equipped with a microwave oven and a kitchen sink. Small surprises frame the children’s holiday: stickers at the arrival, their very own slippers waiting in the room, colouring pictures at the restaurant and soap bubbles at departure. For an extra fee, families can also book the GLO Kids room where the smallest family members will find a collection of toys and paint supplies. The older children in the family might be interested to hear that we have PlayStation 3 and board games in the lobby.


On to planning joint trips and experiences!

At Adventure Park Huippu, you move from tree to tree 4–18 metres above the ground. There are different-level courses so everyone can tackle challenges and experience success according to their own courage and skill level. Action is guaranteed as the longest zip-line is over 100 metres long. And the best part? GLO Hotel Sello’s guests receive 30% off the entrance fee!

A summer day at the brand new outdoor swimming pool in Leppävaara, Espoo is spent pleasantly in the water. The outdoor swimming pool in conjunction with the Leppävaara swimming hall has carefully considered the needs of families with children. The smallest swimmers have two pools at their use and restrooms and childcare rooms are conveniently right next to them. Moving around with a pram is also effortless in the area. Remember to try out the delicious doughnuts at the swimming hall café!


The space-themed Angry Birds playground includes swings, a trampoline, a zip-line and a larger climbing structure with slides, among others. The smaller children can play safely in their own area. All in all, the area offers excellent possibilities for being active: you can find Espoo City’s gym container and a big skate park, among others, right next to the park.


The Leppävaara skatepark is almost 2,000 square metres in size, so you won’t run out of space. Finland’s biggest skatepark has bowls, ramps, pipes and lines even for the most challenging tastes. Definitely worth the visit for everyone interested in skateboarding!


  • Don’t overpack! If you forgot something, you can get it at the destination.
  • As you book a hotel, think of the smoothness of the accommodation. For example, combination rooms with a dividing door and kitchenette rooms are excellent solutions when travelling with children.
  • Is it your child’s first time flying? It will be easier if you explain beforehand, what will happen and when. Many children see flying as an adventure, so encourage it!
  • Our final, but most important tip is this: getting into the holiday spirit is really all about your state of mind. Let other people worry and focus on enjoying the moment!

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