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Your health and wellbeing are important to us

Welcome as our guest!
Due to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, we should all pay even closer attention to hygiene than normal. We are doing everything we can to prevent infections, and you can help with this effort as well. Let's take care of each other and enjoy life responsibly!


Here are some of the actions we have taken to prepare for the virus:

• We have raised our already high standards related to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

• We have made hand sanitizer available throughout our hotels and provided training to our personnel to ensure that they take full account of the situation.

• Trash bins in rooms and public areas are being emptied daily.

• Our personnel have been given clear guidelines on what to do if a customer or an employee has contracted COVID-19, or there is reason to suspect an infection.

• At breakfast and in our restaurant, we change the serving utensils, bread and butter knives and the cloths protecting food at regular, short intervals. We have also increased the intervals at which we clean the buttons etc. on vending machines.


Please remember the following during your visit:

• The best way to prevent infection is to ensure good hand hygiene. Wash your hands with warm water and soap and use hand sanitizer when necessary.

• Avoid handshaking and close contact with people as much as possible.

• Avoid using cash.

• Do not use the same glass or drinking bottle as someone else.

• Cough considerately: cover your mouth and nose with a paper handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. If you do not have a paper handkerchief, sneeze or cough into the upper parts of your sleeves.

• Put used paper handkerchiefs in the trash immediately after use.

• Be responsible and contact our reception if you suspect you have contracted COVID-19.


We wish you a safe and pleasant stay!

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