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Spend a night in one of the unique GLO Tempur rooms!

Sleep well, dream big!

Creativity. Performance. Learning new things. An unforgettable holiday. Tough days at work or decisive negotiations. When sleep is high-quality and restorative, you can focus on things that matter to you fresh and in good spirits. At GLO Hotel Sello, you can spend a night in one of the TEMPUR rooms whose extravagant equipment with an ultra-high-tech bed, and various pillow options enable the sleep of your lifetime.  

The lifestyle hotel GLO Hotel Sello is developing into an even greener and more diverse hotel that serves the needs of travellers even better. And since a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a stay in a hotel, we chose the world’s leading bed manufacturer Tempur as our partner.

The exclusive equipment of the GLO Tempur rooms provides you a fabulous environment for relaxation.
We welcome you to enjoy the best sleep in Finland! 

The TEMPUR room is an oasis of quality sleep

In the fabulous 180-centimeter wide TEMPUR Flexible bed of the GLO Tempur room you will sleep like a king. The ultra-high-tech mattress will mould individually and support your body perfectly. Studies show that on a TEMPUR mattress, sleep is deeper than on a regular mattress, and it has also been found to have a positive effect on back pains and back stiffness.

The importance of the pillow and the duvet should not be underestimated, either. There are two pillow options: the innovative and hug-proof Ombracio and the luxurious and adaptable North. All TEMPUR products are breathing, durable, non-perspiring, allergy free and ecological.


Developed by NASA, perfected by TEMPUR

TEMPUR is an ultra-high-tech special material originally developed by NASA to make the seats of spacecraft more comfortable. TEMPUR mattresses and pillows for consumers were created in 1991 after research that took years and cost millions of dollars. The products became instantly successful, and today millions of people around the world are enjoying the comfort and individual support of TEMPUR products. The material’s manufacturing process is still secret. 

Tips for better sleep

Often the difference between a good day and a bad day is the quality of the preceding night’s sleep. We put together five tips for preparing for a good night’s sleep.

1. Try relaxation techniques 
Try to relax your nervous system using various relaxation techniques. Try the PNF stretching technique, for example, where different parts of the body are first stretched for 10-20 seconds, then relaxed in a controlled manner.

2. Reserve enough time for recovery 
If you fall into bed at full speed, relaxing may be difficult. Avoid caffeinated beverages in the afternoon and evening, start relaxing evening routines 1-2 hours before going to bed and reserve enough time for sleeping. 

3. Get the right kind of mattress and pillow 
With a good mattress and pillow, you will fall asleep more easily and sleep deeper. In a bed that moulds to the weight and heat of the body, superficial blood flow will improve, sleep and breathing become deeper, the body relaxes, and the sleeper will shift less during the night.

4. Focus on pleasant things 
Dedicate your place of sleep and your mind to rest; electronic devices, computers, television and piles of laundry don’t belong in the bedroom. Reconcile disagreements and focus on things you can be thankful for.

5. Seek regular patterns 
Try to create a regular sleeping rhythm and do not take naps after four in the afternoon.



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