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The thought of a hotel next to a shopping centre may seem strange, but when it is adjacent to one of the busiest commuter train stops in the metropolitan area and located in the business hub of Finland’s capital region, it starts to make a lot of sense. GLO Hotel Sello is going strong, and serving as an important home away from home to thousands of Finland’s innovative business elite and families.

Located in Finland’s second-largest city of Espoo, the hotel is easily accessible by public and private transport. Importantly, GLO Hotel Sello is a short distance from many of Finland’s most important business parks and successful companies. It is also situated in one of the city’s most popular shopping malls, complete with movie theatres, libraries, music halls and every modern convenience. Also, it's only a seven-minute train ride to the cultural events of Helsinki from Leppävaara.

When the exploration is done in Espoo, there is always ways to get the Helsinki buzz. Step on train, buzz, or hitchhike, choice is yours.

“My first experience at GLO Hotel Sello was at a breakfast meeting. I was nervous about the engagement and how I would get there. I heard there was a lot of traffic and so I decided to take the train. I found the hotel easily and was soon enjoying an abundant breakfast buffet in the hotel’s warmly lit restaurant. 

Everything looked great: the restaurant presentation, the hotel’s interior, the cozy atmosphere. It was everything a breakfast in a luxurious hotel should be. My fellow diners, many of whom were clearly seasoned travelers, were well rested and enthusiastically preparing for their meetings and whatever else the day would bring. Outside it was raining, but it didn’t bother any of us. There was always time for another cup of coffee.”

Next to GLO Hotel Sello lies one of the most prestigious music halls in the capital region, Sellosali.

The cultural hubris of Tapiola is only a five-minute drive from Leppävaara: Espoo Metro Areena offers sports and entertainment, while the Espoo city orchestra, Tapiola Sinfonietta, regularly performs at the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola.

Everything ready! Put on your dancing shoes!

Nature’s Calling – Nuuksio National Park

If you desire peace and nature, the sea is near, and only 25 minutes in the car to the Nuuksio National Park. Why not try the four-kilometre, virgin forest Haukankierros hike.

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"Wilderness right next to the capital? Easy. Finland is one great forest with a few slightly more densily populated spots like Helsinki."

- You Are Here


GLO Sello Kids

Hotels often seem to be the realm of adults, without much thought for the children who may be staying there. But GLO Hotels offers several kid-friendly perks to make our underage guests excited about their visit.

Hotel! Yay! This is how small visitors should shout when they hear they get to stay in a hotel. GLO Hotel Sello welcomes all children with joy.

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