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Hotels often seem to be the realm of adults, without much thought for the children who may be staying there. But GLO Hotels offers several kid-friendly perks to make our underage guests excited about their visit. 

Hotel! Yay! This is how small visitors should shout when they hear they get to stay in a hotel. GLO Hotel Sello welcomes all children with joy.

It's time to play! GLO Hotel Sello offers families with children a play tent (+20€/night), the age-old and universal centre of all plays and games. It is even better than the cardboard box. Besides the tent all rooms have a selection of toys, and of course the toys of others are much more interesting than your own. There is simply no time to become bored. 

Come on over, already, and let the kids wreak havoc!

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GLO Experience for kids - Our hotels pay special attention to services for children, making sure that your whole family can enjoy your vacation. 

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