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The TRAY team

At The TRAY restaurant, it is all about the genuine spirit of cooperation. We do our work with passion and dedication. Come and visit us, we are open every day of the week - also on Sundays.

Welcome to relax with good company and enjoy the delicious food and drinks!

Best regards,

The TRAY team

"The TRAY team's richness is that we represent different nationalities and are welcoming to all different kinds of skills. Everyone appreciates the differences and strengths of one another, which brings a lot of joy and a relaxed atmosphere to our work. A good atmosphere is definitely conveyed all the way to our guests."

Satu - Restaurant Manager

"The TRAY's team works so well because we respect each other and work hard. When we encourage one another, we get great results and the perfect atmosphere."

Fredrik - Duty Manager

"I am a customer service person to the bone. I'm fascinated by the international nature of the hotel world. Before I would be aggravated when people would start a conversation by asking where I'm from - I wanted to say that there was more to me than just that. Here I've learned to feel neutral about the question. When all of us come from somewhere else, they're not asking in a negative way, rather just being curious."

Jashmin - Duty Manager

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