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Family Celebrations

Whether it's a 50th birthday, a graduation party, wedding, funeral or any other family celebration, GLO Art Meets & Events offer a memorable experience. Our professional staff will help you find the venue that suits your needs and the catering that is appropriate for the event. Our adaptable venues are suitable for a variety of events, such as 150-person dinners or over 200 cocktails in the legendary Jugends Hall.

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Our party venues

Jugend Hall

228 m2

  • Classroom 100 persons
  • Theatre 200 persons
  • Rectangular 120 persons
  • Cocktail 200 persons
  • Round 90 persons
  • Cabaret 72 persons

GLO Art Kitchen

145 m2

  • Rectangular 42 persons, side wing
  • Rectangular 66 persons, main room 
  • Cocktail 80 persons


90 m2

  • Rectangular 14 persons
  • Cocktail 40 persons


84 m2

  • Classroom 48 persons
  • Theatre 60 persons
  • Rectangular 20 persons
  • Cocktail 60 persons
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60 m2

  • Rectangular 20 persons
  • Cocktail 35 persons
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35 m2

  • Classroom 18 persons
  • Rectangular 14 persons
  • Cocktail 20 persons

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Enjoy your party and we will take care of your party catering.

The menus we offer are made by our executive chefs at our own restaurant.

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We can set the room any way you like.

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At GLO Hotels, we can create the perfect setting for your dream day. 

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Memorial Service

Losing someone close to you is extremely hard, whether it is expected or not. Part of the grieving process is arranging the funeral which is not easy when in the midst of grief. At GLO Hotel Art, we will support and help you with the arrangements for a beautiful memorial service.

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