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GLO Studio – Marimekko theme

A hotel night in the arms of Finnish design  

Attitude, Scandinavian living and storytelling: the new luxuriant GLO Studio – Marimekko theme -room category in GLO Hotel Kluuvi, welcomes to enjoy a night in the arms of Finnish design. Each of six studios has been given unique décor, inspired by an imaginary Helsinki resident. Created as a base for city-lovers, the studios provide a modern and fascinating combination of Marimekko patterns, interior textiles and attractive details, as well as photographs of Helsinki cityscapes. Each room is stamped with its 'owner’s' personality and has a homely ambience.

Anna 819

Welcome to Anna's home! Anna, who enjoys a harmonious atmosphere, finds it easy to take account of other people's opinions. She is particularly intrigued by the Kaivo interior fabric, by Maija Isola, which is inspired by concentric ripples on water.

Mikko 742

Mikko, who is lively, optimistic and bursting with ideas, is an enthusiastic visionary and enjoys variety. A thirst for adventure, spontaneity and longing for freedom are also evident in Mikko's ‘home’, room 742.

Maija 446

Maija, a creative individualist, has a keen sense of moods and states of mind. This passionate aesthete wants to stand out from the crowd, be herself and enjoy self-fulfilment. Marimekko's Isot Kivet and Siirtolapuutarha patterns are a source of never-ending joy for her.

Aino 538

Aino is a warm, friendly person who enjoys being together and helping others. This spacious studio bedroom features the Marimekko Unikko flower pattern, while deep yellow and playful turquoise add light and warmth. 

Mortti and Vertti 758

The Mortti and Vertti suite reflects the meticulous, ethical values of its residents. The centre of attention is the studio's bed: a hypnotic effect is created by the Fokus pattern on the wall behind. Intense turquoise adds impact to the decor, soothing the mind and projecting a luxurious ambiance. 

Liisa 558

The brave and strong-willed Liisa is an uncompromising leader. She loves to decorate her home with earthy colours and prefers a classic and minimalist feel.

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