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Urban explorer

The difference between being seen and visibility is as great as the one between a tourist and a visitor. Even that isn't enough for everyone. Urban explorers are conquering the world city by city. There are always new places worth a visit.

GLO Hotels offer urban explorers the perfect headquarters. A place from whence to explore the uncharted territories of the tourist map, and a place where to return in order to refresh and rest before starting a new.

La dolce vita! Behind you is a wonderful day out in town and ahead of you an even lovelier night. Put your feet up and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine.

Urban explorers' home is where they can see things that they haven't been asked to see. To taste they haven't been asked to taste. To experience what they haven't been told to experience. Their home is within searching and finding – the indulgence and joy and sharing the new. The home of the urban explorer is where his/her heart currently is.

If you happen to know an urban explorer you're lucky because you get to see a glimpse of their exciting life.

Urban explorers are asked for tips about new and exciting things and they always have the answer. They have their own ways, sources, networks that know what is what, what is up and coming and whether somewhere is worth seeing. It is their universe, whose infrastructure is based on knowledge. Facebook and Instagram are the journals of the explorers, while Periscope is their TV network. If you happen to know an urban explorer you're lucky because you get to see a glimpse of their exciting life.

Go GLO, go GLO!

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