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The destination of business travel is not the city, the sights, a concert nor an art show. The intent is not to experience great things or new ambiances. Business trips are not chosen, the business chooses the trip, and other choices have to support that.

Therefore, the most important part of a business trip is how you start your day, or rather, how you slept during the night. A good bed, the right type of pillows and a peaceful room give the best ingredients for a good start for a morning. You can ensure a good night's sleep with light exercise in the gym or a run that empties the mind from work and makes room for calm sleep. There is nothing really that could steal a good morning from you.

The workday can take place wherever or whenever. Last emails and then it's time to shop for the day.

A new day, new possibilities and duties. A good morning in your room lets you clear your thoughts, prepare for presentations and concentrate on the day, not to forget a hearty breakfast that gives you strength even until late lunch.

 Business trips are not chosen, the business chooses the trip, and other choices have to support that.

Kämp Collection Business Club

GLO Hotels have always been favoured by the business traveller. The three most important things, aside from the breakfast, are: location, service and the rooms. Everything is exactly as it should be. It's no wonder that GLO Hotels have many regular business visitors.

Kämp Collection Business Club provides the best price and benefits for your personnel in GLO Hotels and other Kämp Collection hotels.

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GLO Hotel Sello

The Helsinki metropolitan area at your fingertips.

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