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Local experiences at GLO Hotels

GLO Hotels welcome you to an exciting journey full of experiences. 

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Cuejero @ GLO Hotel Art goes Night of the arts 24.8.2017 at 7pm

Cuejero @ GLO Hotel Art goes Night of the arts 24.8.2017 at 7pm

Welcome to dig into the night of the arts with the music of the international ensemble Cuejero (FI/ES) at the cozy GLO Hotel Art. The concert will take place at the intimate patio starting at 19:00. 

The performance of Cuejero immerses the audience into a world of inspiring sounds, rhythms and melodies. This instrumental quartet focuses on representing interacting dialogues between diverse musical cultures. A result of connecting music styles from Latin America, The Middle East and Contemporary Flamenco into original compositions.

The aim of this project is to find the artistic relationship between those cultures and music traditions, which have been living together for hundreds of years. A playground in which, artists from varied backgrounds explore cultural interaction through music.

The entrance is free of charge. Welcome!


Get in the mood with jazz at GLO Hotel Art

GLO Hotel Art offers a relaxing atmosphere for winding down after work: come enjoy dinner or a drink in the company of the Finnish Jazz Trio.

Kadi Vija is a young Finnish voice artist who specializes in jazz and improvisation. Her exceptional approach to singing is inspired by instrumental jazz, flowing thoughts and abstractness. Vija’s music is full of observations about people, everyday life and sounds. 


GLO Hotel Art offers relaxing evenings for winding down after work starting at 20:00 on the following Thursdays:


Free admission.

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